Friends of the skin

Passion can be seen in our eyes

A person’s eyes allow you to grasp their essence. Handing down the patience of experienced workers to the younger ones, with their desire to learn and resourcefulness. We have built, and now lead, a company of well-integrated skills where everyone is familiar with the characteristics of production processes in their entirety.

Arquata’s contemporary artisans

36 is our number

Arquata artisans are young and dynamic, they learn from tradition and by mastering the latest technologies to make use of them in the production line. The average age of our employees is 36, which denotes the company’s willingness to invest in young people.


Observe, create, innovate. This is our daily commitment.

Our daily commitment is that of implementing our industrialization. We do this by innovating the concept of quality.  

Create, innovate, industrialize. We are committed every day to perfecting processes.