Since 1974


Rovigo is our motherland, Arquà Polesine our town. Arquata, the name of our company, is a tribute to the territory from where our creations reach the entire world, thanks to the fashion brands we are collaborating with. We have been working leather and bringing it to life for over 40 years, thanks to our founder Leonardo Venturini. Today it is his son, Mirko , who firmly holds the reins of the company.



We pay particular attention to the environment and sustainability, our priority even before future generations. Our attention to respect for the planet begins with the choice of water-based products, free of chemical adhesives. For us green also means producing most of the energy we need with our photovoltaic system. Thus we reduce our impact on the environment.


Proactivity, involvement, flexibility, vision. In our company, people are at the centre of the project. We achieve optimal realization of the finished product via careful attention at every step of production and thanks to the competence of our collaborators. In this way, even the largest orders, required in tight timeframes, are completed.



“Growing up” takes a lifetime.. We want to take our company to the top, put our skills into practice and broaden our horizons. To do this, we invest in employee training, constantly improve our machinery and believe in technology as a fundamental tool for careful and accurate processing.